Friday, May 23, 2008

The dreaded Pre Expansion Boredom.

So I've only been playing enough lately to do my daily quests then log off. Can't really bring myself to do much of anything since the expansion will be coming out in months and nullify any work I would put into raiding at this point. I remeber when BC came out and upon entering outlands I started replacing my Grand Marshal and Tier 2/3 gear and a very fast rate. Considering all the hours I put into raiding and PVPing to get both it was a bit disheartening.

I have also reactivated my City of Heroes account, which while very fun, can get very boring and repetative even worse so that daily quests. The instances all look VERY similar and they all have basically the same thing, go in arrest the bad guys and find loot 1 2 or 3. The graphics are still very eye catching and I can make characters for hours their character creator is bar none the best in ANY game.]]

Hopefully I can come back in a week or so and pick up one of my alts and get back into the game. Probably either my warrior or druid will be getting leveled hard core soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay! The birthday party was a sucess.

Tuesday was my daughter's first birthday. We had a cookout/birthday party at Mcneely Lake. I cooked for everyone. Was the first time I've used a grill since I was a little kid helping dad cook. Apparently I can cook no matter what the tools involved everything came out wonderfully. Piper got a bit of a fever towards the end, she has some teeth coming in so it's nothing serious thankfully. She absolutely loves her radio flyer sports coupe. Truely picked it out and it's honestly amazing to see the smile on both of their faces when they are outside.

I haven't gotten to play Wow in a few days, I picked up GTA 4 and have been playing that during my spare time. So far the game is crazy very detailed, soooo many things to do. I really do need to play Wow more so I can get my flying mount and the PVP off items that are going to a rating requirement.

Monday, May 5, 2008

UI Spotlight: PSY UI

Well I was trolling around the boards over at this morning and ran across this UI posted by Trulymad.. It's alot like many other UI's over the years but it is very well done, and the placement of the unitframes is a bit different. The textures and fonts all flow well together and I am just in love with the overall Ui.

Psy UI Download link

Gear Advancement

Now that I am exalted with SSO, I'm looking into upgrading my gear while still farming gold for my epic flying mount. So looks like I will be doing some honor grinding now as well when Im not doing dailies. It's the easiest route to upgrades and will help once I decide to start raiding again.

So here's the cost break down for the pieces.
Elemental Honor Points gear
I should probably pick up the off set pieces first as Blizzard is adding a arena
rating to some of the off set pieces.

The other difficult decision here is do I want to do Staff or Main hand/Shield. While the staff looks very cool, I just picked up the SSO shield, that coupled with the gladiator's gavel would be a very nice upgrade.

Stat comparison

Gladiator's Gavel+Sunward Crest VS Gladiator's Warstaff

Sunday, May 4, 2008


If you have not seen Iron Man yet be sure to do so as soon as you are able. It is the BEST super hero movie ever done to date, Yes including Spiderman you fanbois.

I won't post any spoilers etc here, you must go see it for yourself. RDJ is absolutely amazing as Tony Stark.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I did my dailies as usual last night and noticed I'm 900 reputation away from exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive. Boy was I mad, it was already after 11pm so I couldnt run Magister's Terrace for the rep. Which means I will have to wait and do my dailies so I can get my shield when I get home grrr.

Btw.. Did I mention I hate sundays, it seems like all of the irrate people call in to get their internet fixed on the weekends. Yay for a 3 day work week. I decided to take off Tuesday and give myself a 3 day weekend. Which will be nice means I only have to work today and tommorrow.