Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay! The birthday party was a sucess.

Tuesday was my daughter's first birthday. We had a cookout/birthday party at Mcneely Lake. I cooked for everyone. Was the first time I've used a grill since I was a little kid helping dad cook. Apparently I can cook no matter what the tools involved everything came out wonderfully. Piper got a bit of a fever towards the end, she has some teeth coming in so it's nothing serious thankfully. She absolutely loves her radio flyer sports coupe. Truely picked it out and it's honestly amazing to see the smile on both of their faces when they are outside.

I haven't gotten to play Wow in a few days, I picked up GTA 4 and have been playing that during my spare time. So far the game is crazy very detailed, soooo many things to do. I really do need to play Wow more so I can get my flying mount and the PVP off items that are going to a rating requirement.

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