Monday, May 5, 2008

Gear Advancement

Now that I am exalted with SSO, I'm looking into upgrading my gear while still farming gold for my epic flying mount. So looks like I will be doing some honor grinding now as well when Im not doing dailies. It's the easiest route to upgrades and will help once I decide to start raiding again.

So here's the cost break down for the pieces.
Elemental Honor Points gear
I should probably pick up the off set pieces first as Blizzard is adding a arena
rating to some of the off set pieces.

The other difficult decision here is do I want to do Staff or Main hand/Shield. While the staff looks very cool, I just picked up the SSO shield, that coupled with the gladiator's gavel would be a very nice upgrade.

Stat comparison

Gladiator's Gavel+Sunward Crest VS Gladiator's Warstaff

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